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  • Summary: Bumble Buzz takes draw path control to the country setting! This game will make you appreciate the world of busy bumble bees! Set in a charming country meadow, you are happily guiding your bees to collect pollen one by one to bring back to the hive. The more your pick, the better your score! Using your finger you need to trace a path from the bee to the flower to pick up a load of pollen. From there, guide your bee toward the hive and watch it pop into the hive. Bees will continuously be flying into the meadow to help collect loads of pollen.
    As you collect all the pollen from the flowers, you will move up to the next level. But watch out! The bees cannot collide with each other at any time.
    The alarm will sound to warn you when you are getting too close. If your bees do collide, they will explode into honey fire balls! Luckily you have three lives before the game is over. How many loads of pollen can you bring from the flower to the hive?
    Challenge yourself to this game for hours of addicting fun!

    *No bees were hurt in the process of creating this game.

    Game features:
    - Addictive game play
    - Soothing music
    - Quirky sound effects
    - Gentle hand drawn graphics
    - High score board
    - Listening to your own music while playing
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