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  1. Jul 18, 2014
    Buzzle is an interesting new game on iOS and Android devices. It's like a mix between an endless runner and a puzzle game. You have to try it to see what I mean. The artwork and music are all great, Expand
  2. Jul 28, 2014
    The game was challenging, but not too hard. It involves you shifting tiles to make a path for some bee named Charlie. The option to use special abilities that you can either purchase or earn as you collect pollen points through levels really let's one modify the level of difficulty of the game. There are also free special abilities but these tend to not be as powerful. The cool thing though is that even if you stack the non-free special abilities, it doesn't guarantee you an automatic pass through the levels. I spent tons of points trying to beat level 4-11, and then on a drunken gander I attempted to beat it using only two of the few free special abilities and was pumped after I cruised through a level that really seemed to be a roadblock up until a six pack.

    Buzzle is a fun and simple puzzle game with short levels that don't leave you feeling like you wasted a lot of time when you are unsuccessful. The levels don't leave you frustrated, as just like in the original DK games for Gameboy if you die in 10 seconds you just dust off your pants and try again in 2 seconds. The four worlds of grass, desert, ice and lava remind me of the retro NES Super Mario Bros. games and provide changing scenery and different challenges throughout the game. I think people should try this game because it is just a really fun game that makes you react and think...but not think too much. The graphics and music are well polished and makes for an overall smooth gaming experience on a larger screen device like an iPad or iPad mini.

    The first world is free, and for the amount of hours I spent playing this game I consider the other levels a bargain at $2.99 (you get access to all three worlds and all levels within the worlds immediately after paying). I loved this game more than Angry Birds and would say if you have a few minutes it is definitely worth exploring. I consider myself a novice gamer (or "noob" as I have frequently been referred to by the nerd but I've played a handful of iOS ad Android games and Buzzle really stood out for me.