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  • Summary: Tired of your Tikka Masala Kabobs going bad? Can't remember when your Crackling Peking Duck will be ready? Here's Cafe Clock, a new app to help your track your cooking in Zynga™'s hit game Cafe World™.

    NOTE: This app is entirely UNOFFICIAL, and the author has no
    connection to Zynga™, nor do I imply such.


    - Tracking multiple stoves, as many as you want!
    - Data Saving, close and restart the app and your timers are still active and accurate
    - Live updates! Download new dishes via wifi or edge.
    - Vibrating Alarm, lets you know when your food is ready, and gives you a two-minute-warning before it spoils!
    - Simple, easy to use interface
    - Color coded display to check the status of your kitchen at a glance

    To use:

    Simply click an empty stove and select the dish you would like to cook. The system automatically sets alarms for the cooking time and spoiling time, and gives you a constantly updated timer until your food is ready! To add or subtract stoves, click the edit button, and to clear all the food quickly, hit the clear button. The fork and knife icon lets you serve an individual item and clear that stove without disturbing your other dishes.

    Feel free to exit the program, as your data is saved and automatically reloaded each time you start the app. Or, keep the app running (while connected to a dock or computer) and you will get a vibrating alarm when your food is ready.

    Update the app via the "Update Cookbook" button in the Settings panel. New dishes are updated as they become available in game.

    Happy Cooking!
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