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  • Summary: How many times have you been faced with a bet and all you hold is a drawing hand? Have you ever wondered if you made the right call in these spots? Call on the Draw answers one specific but common question in Texas Hold'em. When should you call a bet with a drawing hand? There are a lot of factors that need to be looked at, such as how strong of a draw you hold, if there are others players in the hand, and of course size of the bet and also the pot.Call on the Draw looks at this information as well as many other factors, to give you a simple straightforward answer as to what decision would be best. This not another Monty Carlo odds generator! There are no confusing percentages to deal with. Just a simple answer All answers are generated locally on the app so you do not need a 4g signal or Wi-Fi.Features. Quick and easy to use key pad. The key pad is set up to automatically advance to the next card after you have entered the previous card. With a little practice you can enter all the cards in about five seconds or less. You can select what outs you would like included in the decision, you can also exclude possible outs that would make your hand better, but would also give another player an even better hand. These are know as counterfeit outs.You can add information of up to 9 other players.You can choose from both limit and no limit game types.You have the option to chose either ring game or tournament.The app will automatically produce an "Expected Value" or amount that you might win if you hit your hand. It will include that information in it's advice. You can adjust the expected value that you think you might win with an easy to use slider. Call on the Draw will give you two answeres to suit the situation. The "Tight"/"Aggressive" advice gives you an opinion of how to play VS different player types. If you are playing against a tight opponent, (one who does not raise much and when they do, they tend to hold a good hand) you should take the tight advice. When your opponent is aggressive, (they tend to raise more and tend to not hold as strong of hands) then you will take the aggressive advice. If you don't know what type of player you are up against, you should choose the advice that suits your style of play. Expand
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