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  1. Apr 14, 2014
    Avoid this cheap cash-in at all costs. Go see the movie instead.
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    Awesome celshaded comic book style, marred by a swath of crazy and incomprehensible bugs, but even if Gameloft fixes those, the basic gameplay of this arcade brawler isn't enough to really excite us.
  3. Mar 31, 2014
    Go and see the film, dress up like your favourite superhero and, hell, cry like a baby if you ever see Chris Evans in the street. If you happen to run into anyone from Gameloft, however, maybe give them a piece of your mind instead. Or ask for your moola back.
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  1. Dec 11, 2016
    A lame movie tie-in game that's been crapped out on the mobile market with only the license to stand on. It's not like it's particularlyA lame movie tie-in game that's been crapped out on the mobile market with only the license to stand on. It's not like it's particularly broken in any way. It just has none of the quality of the movie it's based on and some pretty subpar design decisions that make just make it a drag to play. At least it looks decent.

    The graphics make the game look like a comic book. The characters look just like they do in the movie. The story isn't very interesting, but it at least throws in some classic villains from the comics that likely won't make it to the big screen, at least not any time soon. Of course getting to experience all of this requires you to stick with the game and honestly it just isn't worth it.

    It's a standard button-mashing brawlers that's so simple it's boring. You go through the entire game just mashing one button against the same enemies and occasionally firing off a special move. Things get monotonous almost immediately. The prospect of playing through an entire game of this seems like some form of impossible torture. The free-to-play elements don't help/

    It odes try to add some depth with recruiting shield agents accompanying you into battle along with the grind of constantly upgrading them and Cap himself. There's also some environmental tricks you can use like throwing your shield at a fire hydrant and telephone pole to electrocute your enemies to make things a bit easier every now and then, but none of them help alleviate the boredom.

    There are also slight issues with the controls. They stem from the fact that you can't turn your device to the side to play it. A baffling decision that leads to cramped feeling if you're playing on a smaller device. It also leads to moment where you'll be trying to attack and instead Cap just runs off because the game didn't read your inputs right.

    All in all it's just a really crappy game. One that somehow makes you more bored playing then you were before you started. Just watch the movie again. No amount of Marvel/Captain America fandom is going to make this any fun to play.

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