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  • Summary: Caption8 is an amusing new game using photos and captions. Get your friends to caption your photos and pick a winner!Create clever, witty or touching captions on your photos or on photos available in the application library and earn tokens for use in the game.*How to Play*You first choose a photo you want to send to your friends. It can be a funny picture, an inspirational picture or a picture that could be just about anything. If you don't have a photo, you can use your iPhone or iPod camera to take one, or choose from a library of available photos in many categories.*Once you have the photo you want to use, you choose 3 or 4 friends to send the photo to for captioning. Your friends will receive a simple email notification (or push message if they have already installed Caption8) that they have a game waiting.*Each friend will open the photo and be given several options to caption the photo. Available options by default are to add black frame around it with a motivational poster style caption (doesn't have to be a motivation caption, just that style) or add a speech bubble to the photo with some text.*When each friend is done, they will submit it back to you for judging. Once your friends have responded, you can review the responses and pick the best one. But you won't know who sent them back to you. When you pick the winner, both you and the winner gets 5 tokens.All your friends also get the same set of photos. They also pick the one they like the best. The friend and the caption creator each get one additional token for playing.*Extra Options*Inside the app, you can use your tokens to obtain more options, like the thought bubbles style, LOL Catz style text and new photo packs.Not earning tokens fast enough?*Inside the app, you'll have the opportunity to purchase tokens using your iTunes account. Collapse
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