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  • Summary: The CardWarden is a utility for creating, importing, randomizing and playing with cards! Cards can be imported from images or from the built-in camera (if available).Games are separated into 4 boxes. Each box can contain up to 120 individual card images. Images are captured from the Card Importer. Always import card back images first. You only need to import a card image once even if a game has several copies. You can create multiple copies of a card in the Deck Editor. The Deck Editor allows you to create up to 40 decks per box with up to 120 cards per deck.Use the Randomizer to quickly load and shuffle a deck. This is the perfect companion for the many designer card games that use random setups for each play. Simply select a deck and drag cards from the deck to deal them.The Game Table is a card playing sandbox. This is where you can load multiple decks and play a full game with many of the standard card playing mechanics (shuffle, rotate, flip, make decks, add tokens and more). Tap a card or deck to see what options are available. To move cards, simply touch and drag them. To move decks, press and hold at the center of the deck for a few seconds. You will then be able to drag the deck. Simply swipe cards off the top of the deck to deal them.The Game Table also features 6 sliding trays for storing cards off screen. Whether you're running out of space for cards, or want to have multiple players store their hands, the trays are just a tap away. Simply touch one of the tray tabs on the sides of the table to slide the tray in or out. Drag cards and decks onto the tray to attach them to it. There are also 2 point tallies at the bottom of the Game Table.Above all else, experiment and have fun! Expand
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