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  • Summary: Work your rep, protect your hood, and hit the streets in the most realistic urban sim!Here's what players are saying:"No more messing around with text based games - this is the real deal: An actual street sim that gets it right." "The grittiest app of the year. If you're looking for a crime game that'll pull you in and hook you, look no further." "Fans of 'The Cartel' will appreciate the innovation. New players will love the attention to detail. Well worth the wait!" HIT THE STREETS - Make quick cash and climb the ranks of 6 different professions. - Move your goods to eager buyers and keep the market flowing. - Get in good with a crew and experience a thriving, underground cartel.WORK YOUR REP - Start your own gang and recruit the best sellers in the biz. - Do over 80 different jobs for crime bosses to earn rep for your crew.  - Keep your heat down and run the streets while your competition rots in jail.PROTECT YOUR HOOD - Make your mark in pulse-pounding PVP and take out anybody that gets in your way.  - Attack stickup crews and trucks to put posers in their place. - Fight in intense crew v. crew battles to prove you're the top G. CALL THE SHOTS - Let your gang know it's goin down with forums, chat, and private messaging. - Remember the cats that helped you and take out the haters with a friends and foes list. - Run the hood in a player-driven economy where there's no limit on the green you can make.MAKE 'EM REMEMBER YOUR NAME - Beat down the competition as Muscle, control the supply as Chemist, or make your own way as an Elite Lieutenant. - Dominate a real market and control the flow of product for every player in your crew.  - Rise through the ranks to Capo and write your legacy in your real-time, player-run cartel.Notes:  - Play free forever, if you choose! - Cartel 2 is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game with player controlled gangs and crews. You must have an internet connection to play.The Storyline...GETTIN' IN TOO DEEP... Your brother messed up. Bad. Bad enough to get beat down by the Cartel thugs. That's what happens when you get stuck with a bad habit worth 2Gs you ain't got. He's barely breathin' and they wanna take out the rest on you. SOMEBODY'S GOTTA PAY...Least he's still got friends. Old homeboy named D-Wreck says he'll hook you up with a place to stay, maybe even get you some work to clear your brother's name. But D's bringing you into the same world that caused all this trouble in the first place.DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO... Vengeance ain't pretty. And it ain't free. But it's the only way to make sure nobody messes with you or your family again. Expand
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