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  • Summary: Be prepared to get the gold coins from the haunted old castle. Yes, you're quite washed-up and fat old knight , but you still got your moves. All the dangerous skeleton knights, scorpions are standing guard over treasures.Run through and jump over all the obstacles, and get the all coins and complete your holy missions.No time for getting panicked by the all dangers in the castle.Can you make it and regain your former glory?This game is a modern 3D version twist of a old arcade style game. A lot of good looking characters,objects and visual effects equipped in the stages willentertain you. Have fun and get panicked in the castle.[How To Play]Left Joystick : MoveA Button: Jump. Touching the A button makes short jump, Press and holding it makes longer but slower jump.[Missions]Collect all the coins in the stages.Opening the chest in the stages is optional. Some of them bring you a fortune, but some of them,may awakesleeping guards.[Hell Fires]Hell fires are critical, but you can walk over it while it's inactive.[Features]Leader-boards and Achievements support throughGameCenter.Facebook and twitter integration for Achievements.[Continues]You can continue game by consuming the continues count allowed for you.When you spent up all your continues count, your only option is starting new game. Expand
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