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  • Summary: WARNING: If 1 or more of the following applies to you, this game will be unbearably addictive. 1. You are a Cat. 2. You have a Cat. 3. You want a Cat. 4. You know what a Cat is. You are a cat loving alien. Oh No! The Planet of the Cats is in trouble. Abduct kittens with your UFO to save them from a supernova! Quickly upgrade your beam and UFO to help as many cats as possible, time is running out!. There are thousands of them waiting for your rescue!

    How to Play
    1. Touch the screen to activate the beam.
    2. Drag cats and various powerups off the planet with your UFO.
    3. The more stuff you suck up, the stronger your beam gets.
    4. Collect money to upgrade and purchase new UFOs.
    5. Earn achievements to unlock new planets.
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  1. Aug 7, 2012
    It might take a few attempts before Cats Away truly picks up, but once it does it can be incredibly difficult to put down. Because it's super-fun and flippin' adorable. Although dog lovers might be somewhat immune to its charms.
  2. Aug 7, 2012
    Long story short, if you have a weakness for cute things or cats, Cats Away is definitely worth the low price of entry.