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  • Summary: Use clues to unscramble letter tiles and form word chains. Each word in a chain is an anagram of the previous word with a single letter changed. Crossword style clues help you along.COMMENTS FROM EARLY REVIEWERS? "ChainGram is a huge mental workout, but at the same time it's strangely addictive."? "Better than crossword puzzles."? "I don't usually like word games, but this is really fun."? "Brilliant execution. Clever clues."? "Easy to learn and fun to play. I can feel my brain stretching."? "It's an odd experience -- there's a several second lag between when my subconscious figures out the answer and when it actually gets communicated to my conscious brain."? "The mechanics of the tile movement is smoother and easier than in any game I've played."? "The chains of 'imperfect' anagrams that exist in this game boggle the mind." Expand
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