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  • Summary: Great news! Your favourite puzzling brand Chat brings you Chat Crosswords – the ultimate in qualitycrossword puzzles!This great app appeals to both beginners and experts alike with its fantastic selection of crosswordpuzzles of mixed levels and great challenges!Play a great selection of FREE puzzles to whet your appetite and then enjoy further puzzling fun withregular and special packs of various sizes via the in-app options menu.Fantastic features include:• A superb collection of exciting and riveting crossword puzzles of varying levels of difficulty• Double tap to enlarge and move around the grids• Unlimited hints with various hint options; reveal a letter, complete a word or check for mistakes• Save unfinished puzzles to finish at your convenience• Easy to manage puzzles and puzzle packs• Easy to use interface. Either scroll and select a chosen clue within the clue’s window or select acell within the grid to instantly populate the relevant clue• No obscure clues or solutions• Great value for money!• Quality and intuitive puzzles• English puzzles, clues and solutions• Regular puzzle pack releases, managed within one handy locationIf you love words, then you will love these puzzles!We value your feedback and hope you will let us know what you think on our Chat Facebook page.Want more new, fun and imaginative puzzles? You’ll be pleased to hear we have another excitingChat app available in the app store – Chat Sudoku. Plus Chat Puzzles – an extensive collection of funand exciting mixed puzzles.CHAT CROSSWORD: Another quality puzzle from your favourite Puzzling brand. Collapse
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