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  • Summary: YEPA! YEPA! YEPA! The revolution is here! Viva la revolucion!Hey gringo, join Che and the beans inside their epic adventure and help them recover their freedom and start a revolution like you have never seen before. Confront all your enemies and emerge victorious, let your fellow beans know that you are 'el Comandante'.+++ ACTION PACKED GAMEPLAY +++JUMP, JUMP, JUMP and don't stop! Use your hand-eye coordination and time your jumps in order to achieve perfect moves. Enhance your skills and travel longer distances. Perfect moves will make your jumps higher, longer and will also replenish your HP bar.START THE JOURNEY and experience Che's adventures traveling through deserts, towns, canyons and many other environments. Don't stop until you have reached the end. Things will become tougher each level but you have to trust your revolutionary instinct and thrive!ENDLESS adventure and opportunities! This game mode is the ultimate test for your 'revolutionary' skills. Manage to keep Che on the move as long as possible, this endurance test is filled with surprises.AMAZING POWER-UPS will be there to help you! As the game progresses you will encounter a large array of fun, easy to use and really helpful power-ups. Some of them will give you extra-energy while others would take you to the skies.PROPAGANDA is one of the main ingredients that will make all our fans say : 'WOW!' . How could we have a true revolution without some solid propaganda. Work out your best moves inside propaganda zones, make the crowd go WILD and get yourself some loyal followers. These will real come in handy when being followed by the dreaded Sheriff.+++ SUPERBE GRAPHICS +++ENVIRONMENTS have never looked this sharp. Each one of them is immersive and really gets you into a revolutionary atmosphere.THE REVOLUTIONARIES are a blast. Our great artists have outdid themselves by creating a whole bunch of funny characters that merge historically inspired figures with Inneres Auge's funny and joyful spirit.+++ LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN +++GREAT adventures await each one of you. Stop asking questions and let the revolutionary within take control. Viva Che Bean! Viva la 'bean revolucion'! Expand
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