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  • Summary: ChessNotePad is the best Chess recording and replay app ever! Record games in PGN format as you and opponent play. Forget pen and pencil! Download or paste PGN games from the Internet and save them for later viewing. RECORD - The chess board adapts to your color. - After one move optionally save and email games to you and your opponent.
    - Once saved, the game can be replayed or the PGN text viewed.
    - Select a piece, select a square then tap "Accept" to move.
    - If the last move is incorrect there is one level of Undo!
    - Use ChessNotePad at tournaments.


    - Enter opponents in a Contacts subgroup you create, or from your Contacts.
    - Enter one time opponents in a text field—there is no need to save your opponents name.
    - Create Locations, then select one for each game.
    - Set NAG codes (!, ?, !!, ??, !?, ?!) on any move.
    - Input and view all standard PGN tag fields.


    - Download game files with ".pgn" suffixes (zipped .pgn files too).
    - Supports cut and paste.
    - Replay a game once saved.
    - Database supports a large number of saved games.


    - List by White or Black, or by your Games.
    - Study saved games—yours or downloaded games.
    - See recorded NAG codes: !, ?, !!, ??, !?, ?! during replay.
    - Move forwards or backwards, view move number with Check indication.


    - Play (and record) games where you don't have room for a chess board like on airplanes and trains.
    - Learning: provide to chess novices because ChessNotePad only allows legal moves.
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