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  • Summary: Chinese chess. Has a long history in China, belong to a kind of confrontational two man games, easy, simple, fun, extremely wide range of popular china chess activities.In ancient China, china chess is cultivating the arts as a Literati. Is now regarded as a refreshing puzzle beneficial activities.War chess, one can realize some kind of philosophy from the changing relationship between offense and defense, virtual and real, whole and partial complex.This game has the following play rules1. story mode: China Chess pass mission mode. Even if you are a novice, you can also learn and understand Chinese chess play. from the mission 1 to over 1000 related to the process of each level you can get the highest The award of the stars, the more the Complete the mission that Will get more star of points. You can undo, hint, switch chess board.2. Normal mode: This mode lets you and the computer play the game, computer class is divided into (Residual brain level, primary level, Professor level, master level, suicide level). Each winning one can obtain the corresponding points, awards points for each degree of difficulty Are different. China Chess can undo, hint, Throw in the towel , switch chess board.3. Suicide mode: This mode does not allow you to use the undo and hint , you should be careful consideration of all the pace otherwise misstep loser.4. Double Battle: In this mode, you can be with friends to play game on this machine, you in positive and your friends in the opposite.5 points Conversion: Points can be used to redeem a variety of different styles of chess pieces and board for embellishment and beautification of your interface! Expand
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