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  • Summary: Gong Zhu (Chinese Hearts)

    1. Introduction
    Gong Zhu is a single deck, four players card game. Very similar to Hearts but has some interesting differences. "Gong Zhu" means to drive the pig (Queen of Spade) out. The objective of the game is to score positive points and avoid
    penalty points.

    2. Play of the hand:
    The person who holds the 2 of clubs must lead it to the first trick. The other players, in clockwise order, must play a card of the suit which was led if possible. If they do not have a card of that suit, they may play any card. The player who played the highest card of the suit led wins the trick, gets all the point cards and leads to the next trick.
    After the first hand, the player who “won” the Queen of Spade in the previous hand leads it to the first trick of the next hand.

    3. Scoring:
    - Queen of Spade (Pig):-100
    - Ace of Heart:-50
    - King of Heart:-40
    - Queen of Heart: -30
    - Jack of Heart:-20
    - 10,9,8,7,6,5 of Heart:-10
    - 4,3,2 of Heart: 0
    - Jack of Diamond (Goat): 100
    - Ten of Club (Doubler):Doubles the score of the other point cards you got. Or scores 50 points if it is the only card you got.
    - All Reds: If a player takes all 13 hearts, he gets 200 instead of -200.
    - Sweep: If a player takes all 16 point cards, Pig's score becomes 100 instead of -100.
    A round is over once any player’s total score gets below -1000 or above 1000. The player(s) who scored more than 1000 score are awarded 2 round points. The player(s) who scored below -1000 do not get any round points. The rest of the player(s) are awarded 1 round point.
    [In real plays, the losers are required to oink under the table. ]

    4. Show card:
    Player can decide whether to show the Pig, Goat, Ace of Heart, or Doubler. If a card is shown, that card cannot be played in the first trick its suit is led, unless it's the only card of its suit you have. Showing a card doubles the card’s points:
    Pig: -200
    Ace of Heart: All hearts' points double.
    Doubler:Quadruples your points, or scores 100 if the other point cards cancel each other out.
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