Chinese Zombies vs Ninja Image
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  • Summary: Ninja encounter a group of Zombies who are on vacation of the Spring Festival in China, what should Ninja do?The zombies will come to you!!!!!!IntroductionYou are a priest in China when you encounter a group of China's Zombie. you have only darts as your weapons. As long as you hold the darts to attack the zombies down, you will get the corresponding money to buy more darts.Shoot, the more the better!The Zombie is not so well to you,and you will meet the Zombie Lord!Face the Zombies bravely!Features:? Fully support on iPhone, iPhone4 and iPad ? Various of zombies? Different levels of darts with different power? Chance to challenge with zombie boss when you succeed to a new level? New props "Dragon Vajar", you can summon a fire-breathing dragon to burn the zombies ? New props "firecrackers" to get rid of the zombies ? New props "Freeze incantation", you can freeze the zombies and to solve them with one dart ? Magical gong appear with the 12 zodiac as soon as the dart shoot out, you may open a big prize How to play:? A mob of zombies coming to you on your way? Click zombies, you can shoot darts to attack? Switch between different levels of darts to enhance the power? Kill zombies to get more money to buy more darts? Clear up all the blocking zombies Expand
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