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  • Summary: LIMITED TIME OFFER: GET THE MOST INNOVATIVE SLICING GAME EVER CREATED FOR $0.99 ONLY!!!SLICE THEM ALL, THE WAY YOU WANT…In a Galaxy, not so far away, Alexis Rocket crashes its rocket in a planet inhabited by a tiny and VERY angry Alien! This Alien is not pleased to see someone invading his land and he will do anything to put him down.In Chop Chop Slicer, Transform your finger into a razor-sharp weapon and fight Aliens with the precise “Slice ‘n Dice” technology:Precise complex object slicing:The player gets to decide at which precise position and angle the object will be cut. Chop Chop Slicer also features detailed concave targets, unlike most slicing games which use pre-determined cutting angles on simple convex objects.Real-time mesh slicing technology with physics dynamics:The fragmentation caused by the slicing action creates realistic fall patterns based on the laws of physics. An object can be cut multiple times, thus creating accurate and visually stunning graphic effects.Dynamic squad-based tactics for AI movement patterns:Chop Chop Slicer uses a variety of dynamic movement patterns, inspired by military tactics. The enemy flies in organized groups to attack in order to enhance the player's experience. This feature adds tremendous challenge to the gameplay, especially in arcade mode.Chop Chop Slicer features:*Fast and precise slicing action game.*Challenging gameplay.*Slicing controls require only 1 finger.*Classic ''Chop Chop'' look and feel.*39 unlockable achievements.*Online Leaderboards.OpenFeint and Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards are included to add a sense of competition between you and your friends in this already fulfilling game. Who will slice the most aliens and come out on top?Chop Chop Slicer™ is a trademark of Gamerizon Studio Inc. Expand
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  1. Jun 10, 2011
    Chop Chop Slicer is the best Chop Chop Anything so far.
  2. Jun 22, 2011
    Hugely fun, very well made and is just the sort of thing that will keep me coming back over and over again in an attempt to better my scores, and hopefully those of my friends.
  3. Jun 10, 2011
    While it may be a familiar experience, there's more than enough of a twist here to make Chop Chop Slicer a worthy addition to any Fruit Ninja fan's game library.
  4. Jun 29, 2011
    An innovative take on the slice-'em-up genre whose new ideas and simple controls will endear it to fans of the Chop Chop series and newcomers alike.
  5. Jun 10, 2011
    Chop Chop Slicer takes another swipe at the object slicing gameplay and manages to capture some of the original spark of fun by mixing things up.
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