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  • Summary: **SPECIAL OFFER FOR A LIMITED TIME: DOWNLOAD THE GAME TO GET TIFFANY AND THE GOLDEN KNIFE FOR FREE!**CHUCKY’S BACK, IN HIS FIRST EVER MOBILE GAME!Chucky renews his quest for revenge in a never-ending nightmare in which he’s endlessly running through the factory that produces Good Guys dolls.Play as Chucky and sprint through the factory while avoiding obstacles and eliminating enemies using Chucky’s favorite knife or other more outlandish weapons.RAMPAGE THROUGH THE GOOD GUYS DOLL FACTORYUnleash your own brand of murderous mayhem in the very place where everyone’s favorite killer doll was created on an assembly line from a mass of melted plastic.BUTCHER ENEMIES WITH SPECIAL MOVESBecome an unrelenting killer and slay anyone in your path. Unlock new kill moves, such as the flying corkscrew.SLAUGHTER WITH SHARP BLADESUpgrade your collection of edged weapons, such as knives, scissors, cleavers, and hatchets. Upgrades increase the experience points per kill or the attack speed for each weapon.POWER UP WITH BATTERIESBatteries can also be spent to improve power-ups (battery magnet, auto run, and more), and buy boosts (extra lives or long starts). Expand
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  1. Nov 22, 2013
    Trying to make a bloody or even a mature rated running game is an ambitious attempt and using a horror movie icon like Chucky as the game's star is a clever move but its cumbersome controls and awkwardly placed obstacles make it more frustrating than fun.
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  1. Apr 26, 2014
    Chucky Slash and Dash is a game based on the Child's Play and _BLANK_ of Chucky series. In 2013, when they announced there was going to be a Chucky game, I was excited. I thought it could be an amazing game where you could stealth around as a Good Guy doll, and when you're caught, stand still like a doll. There could even be a multiplayer mode where you're in the Good Guy warehouse from Child's Play 2, and one person played as Chucky against a team of people, having to creep up behind them and quickly stop and blend in with the other dolls incase the enemy sees him. This could make a good game, where the team against Chucky has to kill Chucky, and Chucky has to kill the humans. If that was unfair, they could add in Tiffany, their son and their daughter. When I heard there was a Chucky game, those were my expectations and if it did turn out like that, it would have been great... but it didn't. The first thing that went wrong was when they announced that it was going to be a mobile game. Movie games suck and so do mobile games. So a mobile game based off a movie was bound to fail. Oh game developers, you never learn. I still downloaded the game anyway as i still had a little hope, as the Child's Play movies and Curse of Chucky were fantastic, and Bride and Seed of Chucky were good. But then I played the game. Can you guess what genre of game they made this? A Temple Run ripoff. THEY HAD THE LICENSE TO USE CHUCKY AND THE CHILDS PLAY FRANCHISE, AND THEY DECIDED TO
    MAKE A **** TEMPLE RUN CLONE!?!? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? As if making it a temple run clone mobile movie game wasn't enough, the game lags! When the game doesn't lag, you realise one of the major problems with mobile games. There aren't any buttons! Everything controls by touching the screen, and the touch screen on the iPhone doesn't register your exact hand movements most of the time. You'll end up trying to do one thing, when the phone thinks you're doing another. No Chucky, I don't "wanna play". The game isn't one of the worst I've ever played, but it pisses me off how they had the license of such an amazing film series and made a TEMPLE RUN CLONE!