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  • Summary: This is a classic game, which can test and train your decision-making capability and benefit your logic thinking ability.The operation is to achieve the only goal--circle the cat with the least dots. This is similar to I-go,but you need to circle a moving cat.

    1.click a ring, it will
    be turned in to bottle green from light green.
    2.the bottle green ring is obstacle,which the cat can't pass through.
    3.after each click of the ring,the cat will also take a step.
    4.Circle the cat until it can't move,then you win.

    - there are 100 levels in total,it is growing difficult
    - only when you pass through the present level,can you go to the next level
    - the position of cat and the distribution of rings are different from each level
    - Automatically saves your game when there is incoming call

    Everybody come and join in circling the cat,sreenshot it when you succeed, and take a PK to see who is better in decesion-making.

    Those who play this for the first time,please write your feeling down about it,also email us is welcome. We can learn things about management,decesion-making and success from the communication. Those who finish one level,please send us the screenshot,we'll post the shortest way for each level on our website.

    In fact,the game is called "Decision-making Capability Test".When you finish the 100 levels, you'll surely remind of this game before making decision,you can't gain more from a game than this!

    Friendly reminding:Cat is the friend of human,no cat abuse!
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