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  • Summary: Epic Mobile Strategy! Offense + Defense!Full single-player campaign!Real-time INTERNET MULTIPLAYER mode!City Conquest is a unique blend of strategy genres, offering an innovative new gameplay experience with the depth of a real-time strategy game and the accessibility of pure defense games. Whether you play through the epic 14-mission single-player campaign, go head-to-head against other players in the real-time internet multiplayer or hotseat multiplayer modes, or tackle the 6 bonus expert-level Challenge missions, City Conquest is guaranteed to provide a strategy experience like no other.City Conquest offers ALL players FREE access to internet and hotseat multiplayer, the first 5 missions of the epic single-player Campaign, and the first Challenge mission. The last 9 Campaign missions and the last 5 Challenge missions require you to unlock the full game as a single in-app purchase. No additional purchases are required past the initial purchase.• 20 single-player missions!• 100 achievements!• Play the first 5 campaign missions and all multiplayer modes FREE• 9 offensive unit types, all with 4 upgrade levels!• 9 defensive tower types (most offering 2-3 upgrade levels)!• 5 internet multiplayer maps!• 20 upgradeable building types!• 4 “Mothership effects” that act as “spells” to affect units or buildings in a limited area!• Unique territory expansion & control mechanic!• Resource collection mechanics!• 4 hotseat multiplayer maps!• Ability to “swap” dropship pads!• Complete in-game help system!• Full-featured in-game achievement browser with per-category filtering and achievement completion status indicator!As the Commander of the blue army, you must turn the tide against the red army that has decimated your civilization. Choose from a wide array of upgradeable defenses to defend your Capitol building from the red army while simultaneously choosing from a wide array of offensive unit types to attack and destroy the red army’s Capitol. Build a vast city, upgrade your units and defenses, mine gold and crystals, increase your income by building and upgrading Skyscrapers, deploy powerful Mothership Effects, and continually expand your city!Additionally, later missions and all multiplayer missions provide four “Mothership Effects" that affect all buildings or units in a circular area. Players can also use a unique “swapping” mechanic to interchange any Dropship Pads they have placed.Requires iPad 2+, iPad Mini, iPhone 4+, or iPod Touch 4+.Note: Internet multiplayer mode requires a WiFi connectionNote: If you have any problems or suggestion, visit us online at or e-mail us at Expand
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  1. Dec 13, 2012
    City Conquest stands as proof that the tower defense genre hasn't said its last word. It feels a little too ambitious at times (the RTS elements in particular sometimes suffer from a mild tacked-on feeling), but its beauty lies in the fact that it works in spite of that. If you're a fan of either tower defense or real-time strategy games, City Conquest is worth a look-particularly if you bring along a friend.
  2. Dec 17, 2012
    City Conquest is an interesting hybrid, one that feels like it could have used a little less tower defense in the mix.
  3. Jan 30, 2013
    City Conquest is a good, solid game, taking the traditional tower defence and RTS genres and creating a hybrid of sorts.
  4. Dec 12, 2012
    In attempting to add further RTS elements to the tower defence genre, City Conquest has failed to produce much in attack, leaving an experience that's only half-satisfying.