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  • Summary: New concept physical game Color physics!'ve Read the color back runners world in color!Existing built tossing a physical game stop now!Pendulums, seesaws, including the physical elements of a variety of personality andStage Clear color elements that has gone through the excitement.With cute characters, save the missing planet of crisis![How to play]Jelly with a touch of color at the top, pulled down by droppingBombarding the bottom of the transparent jelly with a transparent jellyColor is deulge water.Of the stage by a given color jellyClear waters if any color to a transparent jelly!Only! Jelly to prevent it from falling out of the screen![Game Introduction]? various game elementsThe various physical elements of the seesaw, the pendulum appears!Elements in the personality of broken jelly, bubbles, etc. to increase the fun!!? rating systemEach stage will be graded according to the score byS Clear challenging hidden way or your own way!? Energy SystemsTo progress through the game to obtain energy whenever S Clear StageGame clear through Efficient Energy ManagementChallenge![Game Features]4 beautiful ? World and personality in Stage 80? World emerging every cute jelly? with friends via Facebook ranking of competing systems? World Stage Stars Bonus for users coming S Clear? clear how various per-stage[Games Contact Us]? game use of complaints, please contact us by e-mail. - E-Mail: service@linkzen.co.kr - Www.facebook.com / colorphysic - Twitter.com/linkzen1 Expand
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