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  • Summary: In Color Rush, you race against time while your mind plays tricks on you. Experience the "Stroop effect“ and see how colors can terribly confuse you. In various challenges, your basic goal is to touch the colors you‘re reading on the screen. Easy you think? Not if the word is displayed in a different color than the one you‘re supposed to touch! ... that‘s when the "Stroop effect“ kicks in. This irritating effect is caused by the fact that naming the color takes you much longer when the name of a color is displayed in another color than the one it denotes (like, when the color name "green“ is displayed in yellow). But, having to make a decision fast as time is running out isn‘t the only challenge! Thanks to the "Stroop effect“ you‘ll be more prone to errors, too! So focus and sharpen your senses, because this game will definitely get you in a rush.? WHAT COMES WITH THE GAME ?With Color Rush, you‘ll probably get the most fun out of the "Stroop effect“. Featuring a very neat user interface, this game includes:? Two different challenges? Time ChallengeTry to hit as many right colors as you can in 30 seconds. A right touch gains you two points while a wrong one costs you one point.? Stamina ChallengeStay focused! One wrong touch will end the game if you‘re not careful. If you stay brave you‘ll get rewarded with an increasing bonus factor each stage, but you better hurry because you‘ll have less and less time for each color.? Game Center supportSee how the rest of the world is doing! Including global leaderboards for each challenge and various fun achievements for you to unlock.? Local HighscoreChallenge your friends and see who knocks the other off his throne. Featuring a separate highscore for each challenge.? Top statisticsSee who reaches the highest taps per second rate or who has the most stamina. Featuring many interesting top statistics you can try to beat.? Interesting facts about the "Stroop effect"Learn what parts of your brain are involved when playing or show your friends what the effect is all about.? Slick artworkFun to play, but also nice to look at. Enjoy the nice and colorful user interface while playing. Expand
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