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  • Summary: A fantastic game for kids where they have to select the correct word to complete every sentence. Over 1000 sentences. It tests a child's grammar knowledge of tenses, male/female gender, singular/plural, participles, degrees of comparison, adjectives, verbs and more. Perfect for age group 7-13 yrs.The game is fun to play with a cute Crocodile as the central character. The Croc dances on every correct answer and makes funny faces on every incorrect answer. To clear a level, a child has to answer at least 7 out of 10 questions correctly. Why will kids love this game?* Because of the funny antics of the Crocodile.* Random new sentences appear everytime one plays.* Every sentence is spoken aloud.Why will parents like this game?* Kids will learn correct usage of tenses, gender, comparatives, singular/plural, participles, superlatives, adjectives, verbs, etc. for common words.* The game will increase a child's general knowledge and grammar skills.* Kids can play the game all alone.* 1000 sentences will ensure that new sentences appear everytime and the kids do not get bored.* Encouragement in the form of compliments at the end of every level.Features background music. First level is free with 200 sentences. To unlock remaining 4 levels and 800 sentences, a single in-app purchase has to be made. Expand
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