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  • Summary: DescriptionConnect the Slots is an addictive mashup of tile matching gameplay and video slot machine points scoring. Special tiles like the Wildcard, Bomb, and Joker add strategic depth and keep the action moving.Game modes include Levels, Timer, and Endless to accommodate a variety of play styles. Connect the Slots is easy to play in intense short sessions for challenging high scores, or spread out indefinitely for more relaxed enjoyment.InstructionsTiles can be moved up, down, left, or right to create a match with tiles of the same color. This can be accomplished by dragging a tile in the desired direction, or by clicking any two adjacent tiles to swap them.When a match is created from tiles of the same color, those tiles are replaced by the reels of a slot machine; points are not earned by matching tiles, but by matching symbols on the slot reels. Expand
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