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  • Summary: ******************************************************** Connectors is FREE for a limited time. Grab it now!! ******************************************************** -------------------------------------- Touch Arcade forum comments: -------------------------------------- " I love 'spatial strategy' games and this one gives you a double dose. Simple and fun. Well done." "Have to say that the concept is so good that the game is definitely a worthwhile pickup for that alone." "I picked up the game yesterday and I must admit the game is both addictive and fun to play. I havent played on such a great matching game for a long time probably ever since the first bejeweled came out." -------------------------------- SlideToPlay user reviews: -------------------------------- Rating 4/4 "Great new concept, highly addictive, smashingly fun! A must have!!" -------------------------------- Apptism user comments: -------------------------------- Rating 5/5 "Fantastic game, my latest addiction!" -------------------------------- iTunes reviews: -------------------------------- "Hats off to the developer of connectors for making a truely addictive game. This is going to make my train journeys fly by!" "Wow!! Smashing game, great fun to play! Very innovative it...!!" "I love this game, very addictive. Well done the developer. Give us more." "Great fun and time filling for my commute (and instead of working). Great game. Thanks!" "Great concept. Simple fun gameplay. I love that there are no time limits, it makes it a relaxing thinking game rather than frantic mayhem. Well done." -------------------------------- Game Description: -------------------------------- Connectors is a unique and refreshingly different logic based puzzle game in which you fill three vertical tubes with colored blocks and then use two connectors between the tubes to match them. # A match is triggered when blocks at the end points of both connectors are of the same color. # There are NO time limits, and YOU drag and drop the blocks into the tubes (they don't fall down automatically). This makes playing the game a relaxing and fun filled experience. # The challenge comes with the different shapes and combinations of connectors in each level. # There are 18 highly interesting levels to be played in two game modes and two difficulty settings, providing hours of gameplay! # Game progress is saved automatically. Just press the home button while playing a level and come back later to continue from where you left. ---------------------------- Challenge Mode ---------------------------- Play in the challenge mode, achieve a set number of matches to clear and unlock levels. ----------------------------- Difficulty Settings ----------------------------- Play in the Normal setting to begin with and Expert setting for the real challenge. -------------------- Points Mode -------------------- Play the unlocked levels in points mode to rake up points and beat your high score. Form chains like a pro and grab exciting bonus points. High scores and chain counts are recorded for each level, so you know exactly what to beat! ------------------ Future Updates ------------------ There are many more levels and features already planned, so watch out for the regular updates! Please provide your valuable feedback through reviews, including any features you would like to see in the game. Follow on twitter: Become a fan on Facebook for latest updates, promo codes and more: Gameplay video: Gameplay tips: # Connectors do NOT have to be in a straight line to get a match. # Plan ahead, the next block is marked with a white border. Expand
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