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  • Summary: how to play Conundrum

    Method #1:

    Conundrum is played by scrambling all of the letters on the board... once they are scrambled you have a set time to find as many words as you can out of the board, but the words have to be connected... You can connect going: up, down, diagonally, or
    reversed. After the time is up all players count how many total words they found. The person with the most words wins. There are lots of options on how you set up the board, and you can set your own rules for each combination. You can even set up four 4x4 boards at once!

    Method #2:

    This version of the game is played exactly the same as the first but instead of scoring based off of how many words you find it based off of a point grading system.
    2 letter word: 1 point
    3 letter word: 2 points
    4 letter word: 4 points
    5-6 letter word: 7 points
    7 - 9 letter word: 10 points
    10+ letter word: Instant win

    special features:
    built in board sizes...
    ability to turn certain rows off
    built in timer (1min,2min,3min)
    timer buzzer (vibration on iphone)
    added endings when board is randomized

    features that are to come in future updates of this app:
    being able to shake your phone to scramble the board instead of just pressing a button
    sound buzzer for timer
    and anything else you leave in the feedback.

    thanks 4 reading!
    ~ Apps4Life
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