Crazy Revolution Runner-Battle Heros of the New American Kingdom Image
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  • Summary: "Explosively brilliant, fun, original Boston Tea Party running shooter!" The time has come to fight back and you are leading the revolution. Using your trusty black powder musket you must stop the British Soldiers from taking over the newly formed America. You will be running on the deck of a burning British ship, jumping gaps and obstacles all while fighting the Red Coats.Blast the tea crates, attacking birds, cannons and soldiers on your quest to freedom.Can you save the Country and run the entire length of the ships deck without falling overboard into the shark infested waters below?Features:- Super addictive game play keeps you coming back for more- Exciting runner, action never slows down- Amazing graphics and cool characters to play with- Intense gun battles throughout the game- Challenging, fun, fasted paced game for all agesDownload this super fun game now. It really is a FUN, CRAZY COOL, revolution runner! Join our Facebook Page: us on Twitter: @ChaseNetStudios- WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACKParents and kids are our best reviewers and help us improve our games and create awesome new ones!We always welcome your suggestions, comments and thoughts. If you have a moment, please rate and review our app.- NEED HELP?Contact us 24/7 with any questions or comments: Expand
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