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  • Summary: this is a game about computer,but it's unnormal,it's your vent target,when you have most important work to do ,but the computer doesn't work,when you hava worked a whole day,but the boss want you to continue to work,when the virus attack to your computer to palsy,you will hava a willing to smash the computer,but you can't smash it in fact,if the computer is destroyed ,you will pay for are in a dilemma,but you did need a vent object so much. so this game is for you ,in this game you can smash computer as much as you want,you can vent as much as you want,if you want to smash something,just do it,just try it. How to play: click the computer part where you want to smash Features: 1:vent as you want the next version will add other object ,you can smash everything if you want!! Any suggestion,just tell us! Out hot games :* 1.Fishing Champion & Fishing Champion Lite (Top 30)* 2.Crazy Finger Fishing--hot (top 100)* 3.Fishing Champion 2 & Fishing Champion 2 Lite (top 80)* 4.A Crazy Fishing* 5.Memory Training* 6.A Crazy West Gunman* 7.Catching Fish sina weibo qq weibo Become a fan of Smart Hand on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Expand
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