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  • Summary: Cube Zombie is available free of charge by Sep. 20th of 2012.Cube Zombie is a new type of match 3 or more puzzle game which features plenty of cube zombies.As in all match 3 or more puzzle games, your aim is to match 3 or more of the same color zombies, thus eliminating them. The game is fast and has a very nice and quick response time to move zombies in any place you feel fit to place them,which makes the game a joy to play. When you align 4 or more zombies, you will get a weapon like bomb, bazooka to blow them up. The game starts off easy and as you clear each level,obviously the difficulty increases.In later levels you will also encounter different types of zombies,which you need to align zombies twice or three times.Types of zombies:normal zombie: matching oncehelmeted zombie: matching twicegas masked zombie: matching 3 timeslocked boxed zombie(cannot move): matching 4 timesTypes of weapon:Match 4: liquid: changing the color of the zombies on all sidesMatch 5: 3 sec time bomb: blowing zombies around bomb up after 3 secMatch 6: big bomb: blowing zombies around bomb up by touching bombMatch 7: bazooka: burning 3 rows and 3 columns zombies down;Match more than 8: missile: blowing all zombies up by touching a button;Easy to use weapons !!Just put it in an empty area. And then it will explode automatically or by touching it.You will be addicted to playing Cube Zombie. The game comes with Game Center(Leaderboards and 24 Achievements) and retina display support. Expand
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