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  • Summary: In "Cut it off!" you have to set stakes by cutting things. Each stake is equivalent to a specific percentage of the object you cut. The player who sets the bigger stake for a move earns the point. A round is won, if a player has 4 points.The game can be played against the computer (1 player), against a human player on the same device (2 players) or via network (2 players Game Center battle).Tactical considerations and hints:- Since you must earn 4 points to win a round make sure you set your stakes deliberately. If you set a 100% stake in the first move, you'll have nothing left to set in the next round and you lose.- Your stake (percentage) depends on the shape of the object.- It can be wise to sometimes set a very small stake for a move: your opponent may set much more and therefore will have less to set in the next rounds (while you then have much more left to set). However, it is never smart to set 0%. If your opponent uses the same tactic, you may win the point by just setting a 1% stake!- If you win a round and did not set 100% of the object you will get a bonus score for the unset part.- You will earn a bonus score if you achieve a flawless victory (= if you win 4:0). Collapse
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