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  • Summary: Slingshot action game, require both accuracy and quick response, simple game play yet quite challenging in the same time. Lovely hand-draw high quality graphics and animations.Universal (on iPhone and iPad) with full retina support. To celebrate the release of our first game, it’s free for a limited time, get it now. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Nice weather on a small country road, a little kid is on the backseat of his papa’s bike, some birds are flying around them, what a nice picture!Wait a minute, the birds are… pooping! Watch out, if you get hit with more than 3 poops, game over!It’s lucky that the kid can fight back, with his slingshot, just drag on the screen (can start the dragging from anywhere of the screen) to aim, release the finger to shoot at the poops and the birds. Collect feathers from hitting the birds.Toilet paper can be exchanged with feather, each usage can clean all poops on the kids and papa. You have 30 paper for you to try when start then game.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Special thanks to Le Collectif Unifié de la Crécelle for allow us to use the wonderful original music from the album “Le Collectif Unifié de la Crécelle”, The used tracks are:? Valse anémiée? La valse des heures? Les amants mal assortis? Mes amis Expand
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