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  • Summary: Point-and-click meets 3D horror adventure! Are you smart enough to escape the terrifying outbreak that has enveloped the small town of Maineville.Explore spine-tingling 3D locations, from the grocery shop, to the back-alley, to the run-down apartment building, and much more! Solve mind boggling puzzles and find a way to escape the zombie-infested town! Dead escape is a true 3D escape game with multiple locations to visit, characters to interact and hundreds of objects to examine. Advanced inventory system allows you to examine your collected items in 3D, combine them with other objects, and drag-and-drop them directly into the scene to use.Story: An ordinary shopping night at Joe's convenience store turns into a nightmare as a zombie outbreak envelops the small town of Maineville. Trapped inside the store along with several other survivors, you must find a way to escape the store, and ultimately, the whole zombie-infested town!Features: - Ground-breaking inventory management. Examine items in 3D, combine them with other items, and drag-and-drop to use.- Challenging puzzles to solve and minigames to play.- More than 50 items to collect, hundreds of objects to examine, and other characters to interact.- Multiple spine-tingling locations to visit.- Gripping storyline.- Spoken dialogues.- State of the art 3D graphics.Trailer: Expand
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  1. Sep 7, 2011
    Dead Escape moves slower than one-legged zombie, but it's a good choice if you desire a puzzle-based adventure game.
  2. Sep 7, 2011
    As a point and click adventure game, Dead Escape is actually pretty entertaining. But unfortunately it's been wrapped up with unpolished elements that really detract from the experience. Clunky controls, the inability to look around, and terrible voice acting just serve to poison the underlying game, taking it from a game that fans of the genre should check out to one of caution.