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  • Summary: Dédale means maze. But mazes differ! For example, they can consist of piano keys and attract butterflies. Complete mazes and unlock new worlds!

    Dédale is a beautiful maze puzzle game about a butterfly who likes bright colors and sounds of music. Guide it through 100
    hand-crafted levels and experience procedural level generation. A relaxing, meditative puzzler with beautiful music an visuals.

    Key features:
    • 100 handcrafted levels
    • Infinite procedural levels
    • 7 worlds of new puzzles to explore
    • Simple intuitive, yet original gameplay
    • Challenging (but not impossible) puzzles
    • Relaxing in-game music and sounds
    • Beautiful butterfly that changes its colors as it flies from one world to the next

    IMPORTANT: Minimal supported iOS version is 3.1
    Supported devices: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPod Touch 3 Gen, iPod Touch 4 Gen.
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  1. Jul 9, 2012
    The simplicity and serenity the game brings is reminiscent of Mazes. This game is enough to challenge you without being frustrating. That's a win-win in my book any day.
  2. Jul 18, 2012
    There is a backdrop of familiarity to everything Dédale does, but it does a great job with mechanics most of us know by heart.
  3. Jul 25, 2012
    If you're interested in Dédale, our advice would be to grab it for iPhone or iPad - it's far better as a quick toy to play around with on the work commute each morning. If you're planning to play it on PC, however, we'd suggest grabbing the demo first, as you may find it's not all that interesting.
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  1. Jul 10, 2012
    Thoroughly enjoyable- starts simple and quickly ramps up to a formidable puzzle game. A sort of "action sudoku" with the same sense of achievement when you succeed. Also amazing how your develop a sort of "sense" for the level design and remember insanely complicated paths when you approach them again. Lovely. Expand