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  • Summary: Are you ready for the giant leap?Help the crew of the Helios mission to land safely on the Moon. Test your skill in landing the lunar module in the steepest craters or on the most impervious mountains in this great tribute to the original Atari Games' Lunar Lander. The more you land in safe areas, the better score you get, but if you make the lunar module crash, your score will be halved... and remember: pay close attention to the fuel indicator!Features:- Vector graphics, like good ol' games!- 8-bit sounds, like good ol' games!- Sadistic difficulty, like good ol' games!- Beat your friends' highscore, like good ol' games!... and much more:- Many types of randomly-generated terrain.- Simple and accurate touch controls.- Tutorial with navigation in endless space!That's one small step for man...Leave your comments and reviews in the AppStore, or like us at: Expand
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  1. Feb 4, 2013
    Deep Flare: Lander is every bit as simple and oddly fun as its inspiration from the 70s, but it’s also every bit as “classic.” There’s absolutely nothing new here, aside from some rather bothersome ads. Nostalgic Lander pilots will most likely enjoy it despite the occasional thumb slip but I’m not entirely sure younger, more contemporary-minded App Store shoppers will find it all that special.