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  • Summary: IMPORTANT: You need to download the companion “Cipher Tool” Phone application in order to play this game!Deiknymi is a unique puzzle that combines a difficult 2d/3d maze with challenging ciphers you need to solve in order to progress. The game itself, the prose and puzzles all carry hidden messages if one were so inclined to figure them out.Greek for “Thought Experiment”, Deiknymi combines a very challenging maze that gains in difficulty as you progress, with unique ciphers that you will need to solve in order to complete the levels. The ciphers themselves are hidden within the levels as well as the keys, passphrases, etc. that you will need in order to break the code. The story unfolds as you begin inside a maze, and inside the head of our main character. As you work through the maze and gain clues to move on you will need to apply your problem solving skills to crack the code for each level. There are spinning jump points that will bring you to a room either above or below your current level. As you solve the levels you will acquire chakras that you will collect along your way. The story itself is about the main characters own transcendence. The path is not an easy one, though once accomplished will reach new unforeseen heights. There are hidden messages and ciphers throughout this game, most of which will not be apparent to the average gamer. This game was put together to be as simple as a puzzle maze, or if you are like us, can dig in and find deeper meaning around every bend as the story unfolds. All the thought and meaning that has been placed in this game directly relates to the story itself and the unique path our character will take in order to transcend to greater heights on life’s fantastic journey.Hidden things to look out for as you play the game: ∞ The rooms themselves are letters. See if you can’t figure out what the game itself tells you. ∞ Each letter in each room that you gain a chakra is a word jumble ∞ Special meaning in each chapter title if you combine them ∞ Many hidden messages within the last prose ∞ Each level solution holds deeper meaning if combined ∞ And moreQuestions to ask while you are playing the game: ∞ What is with all the colors per level? ∞ Why are you collecting chakras? ∞ Why have you started in the middle of the game? ∞ Why are you going backwards first? ∞ The butterfly is typography. Does this relate to the last chapter?We thank you for playing this game. Any comments are welcome.Sincerely,Two Robots«[ o_0 ]» Expand
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