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  • Summary: SF robot battle adventure + role-playing. All battle sequences are animated! Getting onto a robot called "Soragane" in electric world, fight against looming threat! * This game works with iPhone4 (iOS4) later.* This game is Japanese text only now. We are going to add English text by update in future.- This is a RPG that you get onto “Soragane" and fight against the mysterious enemies which threaten electric world, while you explore the town to play adventure part as a main character. - In the adventure part, you can strengthen your robot. In the command-entering battles, you decide your strategy—standing position, formation etc. And use your skills to beat the enemies! - The battles are full-animated. Various elements that sophisticate the story such as library and linking with Twitter function are available! - A dojin game for PC which released in 2007, and downloaded more than 10,000 is now fully remade! Graphics and the system are renewed and new scenario has been added! And you can play in English! Total Play Time: more than an hour (depends on players) *You can play first episode by this version. If you have any opinions, thoughts, or questions about game strategy, E-mail: *If you have a question about game strategy, note the name of the title, as well. Our reply may take for a while if you contact us on weekend or holiday in Japan. If you have any question for developer, contact at: Mikage Other works from PON-POKO - PC game "Super Lightning Fatal Exclamation!" -iPhone app "The Throne of the Rose King" Expand
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