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  • Summary: The timid boyfriend’s girlfriend leaves him because of his timidity. He tried to be braver and start looking for his girlfriend. Help this boyfriend to find his girlfriend! -Items for inside & outside of the game – There is items can be used outside of game: Heart lottery to make a whole collection and helpful map record renewal items are available. There is items can be used inside of game map: increasing character’s speed and item + heart are available. - 4 different games -4 game modes are available! Player needs to tilt the device to arrive the final destination, fight with a gang, wait for an appropriate timing, and play with ship and airplane. - How to operate - General map will start the game from the blue line and finishes at orange line. Try to tilt the device to avoid the objects. (Including grey lines) Click the bottom icon and it will show the preview. Click on it or press start to begin the game! Tilt the device left and right to see map lists. - 10, 20 map’s bonus! -10th map: The boyfriend meets the gang on his way to girlfriend! Shake the device to beat them up! 20th map: wait for the appropriate timing to be fitted in “Shake”. Try to fit into the center and higher score will be reached. - How to Control Ship - Be careful with the rock! Try to avoid all rocks! Of course, stay in the map! - How to Control Airplane – #24Click on the red button to start the engine and click the green button to start the operation. Look at the dashboard and follow the guideline! #25,26Everything’s working! Look at the preview and tilt the device to start the game! God’s hand – You can view the top scores! Rating is also available depends on the color of heart-House-Collect all houses in the game map. It will show the hearts that you have. When you have enough hearts then click on the building it will be revitalized. Expand
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