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  • Summary: Dominate is a logic puzzle that uses a standard 'double six' set of 28 dominoes. The puzzle board represents all of the 28 dominoes from 0:0 to 6:6 placed next to each other in an 8 by 7 grid. The problem is, you can't see which squares join to which others to form the 28 dominoes.

    Your task is find those links, by applying logic to determine a layout for the entire board such that each domino is used only once.

    + Auto-generated boards
    + An almost limitless number of puzzles
    + Inbuilt solver provides hints and a target time to beat
    + Full tutorial to help you learn the game
    + Tracks your progress, keeping puzzles challenging
    + Choose your own difficulty level from the Settings screen
    + Pause the game to easily see your progress

    Dominate times your game, adding a penalty for each time you use a hint. It also rates each puzzle it generates to give you a target time specific to that puzzle. Once you are regularly beating your target time, you will progress to a new level where Dominate makes things more difficult by giving you less time to solve puzzles.

    You can also choose the level you want to play at from the Settings screen. However. if all you want to do is solve puzzles and you don't care how long it takes, that's cool, you will still be able take advantage of the virtually limitless number of puzzles in the game.

    Check out the Dominate Blog at:

    for news, information, and hints about the game
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