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  • Summary: Important!! Minimum of one game per month will be added on a regular bases!! No more boring and awkward drinking occasions with Drinking Game Box! You will be the hero at the moment you bring out this App!! Show what iPhone is capable of to others! As of now, the following 5 games are provided!!
    #1 Pressing teeth
    1. Press the tooth on the screen with participants turn by turn
    2. If your teeth broke, you got picked!

    #2 Sense game
    1. 3 or more must have their hands on the button to begin the game
    2. Put your hands on the button to participate before the counting is finished
    3. Once the game begins, whoever let go of button together or the last person to let go of button will get picked.
    4. Skull on the screen will tell if you have let go of the hand at the same time as someone else

    #3. Breaking Bomb
    1. Shake your iPhone enthusiastically couple times.
    2. When you shake your iPhone, you are hammering the bomb and giving it an impact
    3. Level of danger keeps on increase and shown at the bottom of screen.
    4. As level of danger increase, smoke comes out of the bomb.
    5. Whoever is shaking the phone while the bomb explodes gets picked.

    #4 Cocktail Slot Machines
    1. Choose ingredients to make a fantastic cocktail for the person who got picked
    2. Press Start button to operate slot machine.
    3. Wait or press Stop to select ingredient
    4. You may customize ingredients in the option by adding or removing.

    #5 Pick-a-Card
    1. Write anything you want on the card and pick one.
    2. In the setting, you can make up to 35 cards with maximum of 10 words for each card.
    3. You can always re start by pressing <Play Again> while picking cards.
    4. It can be used for many purposes such as selecting lunch menu, drawing, game punishment, etc.

    Soon, the Kings game will be updated !!
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