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  • Summary: Drop Bubbles by LoopTek Need to waste a few minutes waiting in line or at the Dr's office ? Then this game if for you. It is instantly addictive and you may not want to stop !!!!!!!!!! Try to match the ball colors so that the line up together. The more bubbles you break the faster the game drops your bubbles.

    To move the bubbles left or right click on the left or right corners. To rotate the bubbles click on the bubbles until they have rotated to the position you want them in. What a great brain teaser.

    You will want to play for hours !!! Try and get the highest score !!! Find the short cuts to get the most points !!!!!

    Drop Bubbles is the game which you have new bubbles follow down and
    by joining 4 or more of the same color to remove the bubbles. When you successfully bust
    some bubbles you get a most satisfying FART sound...

    WARNING WARNING WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Make sure you have lots of time because once you start playing this
    game it is very difficult to stop.. !!!!!!!

    #. Wav sound effect
    #. MP3 background music.
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