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  • Summary: Are you going to drink tonight?Why don't you try drunk-driving with Drunk Racer!A crazy angel who really loves drinking beer started chicken game at the legendary racecourse in heaven. Heading to the end of the course and pushed seat ejection button, then he flew and made performance in the air. Other angel passed nearby and saw it by chance. She was amazed…then went back to town and told the story to all her friends. The rumor spread all around the heaven. Tons of angels gathered for a glimpse of his fantastic crazy driving and air performances.You want to know his name?He is you!Ready for showing them your performance?It's showtime!!!********************* welcome to Drunk Racer! ***********************?HOW TO PLAY(car launches automatically on the road of glass)- Tilt your device not to fall your car down to the ocean(after a bridge appeared)- Swing up to eject your seatHopefully swing at as closest place from the end of the road as possible.Good luck!!********************* Works of SpartanX Games **********************?Dracula Run Away?Delivery Pizza Kingdom?SpartanGP?Grab Missile?Cola Missile?Pizza Bun Nagale?Flick Macaron?BOMBED CHICKEN?Run Away!! Airman Basic?Reverse Express?Macaron?Cat WallThese games are developed by popular Japanese game unit "SpartanX" which works in Ogaki city, Gifu prefecture. Hope you enjoy our works! Expand
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