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  • Summary: ** On sale 70% off **

    Command an evil skeleton army, sworn to protect the realm of the dungeon king from hordes of heroes seeking fame and fortune. Select and place three different skeleton types strategically. Increase each undead soldier’s power when you need it. Heal or
    resurrect a comrade just in the nick of time.

    Every time a hero falls you earn gold to build your army into an unstoppable force. Feel the excitement with fully animated chaotic battle scenes complete with melee attacks, magic spells and more. Battle through waves of ever more powerful heroes, through multiple rounds of play, until all your enemies have been vanquished and you stand victorious or taste the sting of defeat.

    LEVELS: Three levels of difficulty allow you to start easy and move up as your skill grows, or start at the top if you have the touch. Earn achievement medals as you master each level of play.

    MAPS: Each map is a completely different game experience: Crypt Siege, Dungeon King, or Blood-Orb.

    Defender Special Abilities:

    * Swordsman – backstab, double damage
    * Archer – fire arrows, splash damage
    * Axeman– heavy armor, taunt (attracts hero attack)
    * King – haste army, slow heroes, lightning attack
    * Orb – lightning attack, life drain (heals the orb)
    * Sarcophagus – poison gas

    Keywords: Tower Defense, TD, Dungeon Creep, Role Playing, RPG, Real-Time Strategy, RTS.
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