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  • Summary: Easthaven (Aces Up) is similar to Spider Solitaire and Klondike. Deal twenty-one cards in a tableau, in a row of seven piles of three cards each, turn over the top card of each pile. When play is blocked deal another row of cards. Spaces must be filled by a King, and all spaces must be filled if possible before dealing a new row. The Aces are placed above the tableau in the foundation row (shown by the blank cards). Put the last three cards of the deck in a row on the first three tableau piles. The Tableau Place the Aces that become available in the foundation. Build them up in suit to Kings. For the tableau build down, alternate colors. In Easthaven (Aces Up) suit doesn’t matter for the tableau. When a card is moved in the tableau turn over the next card. The cards may be moved as a unit for on top of another pile, or to fill a space made by the removal of an entire pile. How To Play Turn over the cards from the stock one at a time, play them on foundations or the tableau. Place unplayed cards in a single waste pile. The top of this pile is always available. There are no redeals in Easthaven (Aces Up).This game with all the superb features, graphics, and animations that you would expect on your iOS device :) FEATURES • Unlimited undos / redos • Card placement hints • Single-tap to place a card and Drag and Drop • Scores, Moves, and Times • Statistics • Awesome graphics and animations • Support Universal • Support Retina Display Expand
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