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  • Summary: Bring it — anytime, anywhere — in the first online FPS that fits in your pocket.

    Engage in multiplayer first-person combat against real players from around the world. Your goal is simple: put the most advanced weapons systems to the ultimate test against real player combatants.
    Earn credits based on your performance, buy upgrades and better gear and compete to be the warrior in the ELIMINATE weapons research program.

    Playable over 3G or Wi-Fi, ELIMINATE invites you to join ranked competitions against other players in a variety of high fidelity arenas through the Plus+ Network. Send challenges to your friends using Push Notification and they can join your game with a press of a button — whether they’re currently in the game or not.

    -Earn credits, level up and tweak out your highly customizable gear including futuristic weapons, personalized armor rigs and upgradable gear characteristics.

    -Experience fast, fluid, First-Person competitive combat on your iPhone and iPod Touch.
    -Play ELIMINATE with ease through a seamless global matchmaking system over Wi-Fi or 3G networks.
    -Stay connected with Plus+ enabled friend list invites, leader boards and awards.

    -Master multiple combat arenas, each with its own unique play styles and strategies.
    -Work your way to the top by leveling up and upgrading your weapons and armor.
    -Exploit jet packs, berserker shields, cloaking devices and a variety of cunning power-ups.
    -Track your progress with Plus+ enabled leader boards and awards.

    -Stunning 3-D characters, environments and combat visuals including normal map rendering on 3Gs devices
    -Intuitive “Touch Anywhere” controls deliver next generation FPS movement and combat control using the multi-touch capabilities of the iPhone or iPod touch.

    Arsenal Megacorp is ready for you, enlist today.

    ELIMINATE is powered by Plus+, the premiere social network experience for players on the go.

    Visit http://eliminate.ngmoco.com for the latest videos and information.

    Designed for iPhone OS 3.0
    OS 3.1 recommended.

    Hardware requirements:
    iPhone 3G or better
    iPod Touch (2nd generation) or better
    *Not recommended for 1st generation iPhone or iPod touch devices
    *Network connection required
    Eliminate is available exclusively on the iPhone and iPod touch by ngmoco:)
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  1. Feb 15, 2011
    Eliminate is a great game, and I've really got to hand it to ngmoco for not only creating such an action packed multiplayer experience on the iPhone, but also doing it in a way that can be enjoyable for casual players who just want to dabble in the game for free along with hardcore players who have made Eliminate part of their daily routine.
  2. Feb 15, 2011
    Eliminate Pro is an incredibly addictive hardcore gaming experience. The cost of entry is nothing, so everyone with even an inkling of curiosity should download this game and give it a shot.
  3. Feb 15, 2011
    Eliminate is ambitious, intriguing, and out of balance. The initial price for a game that is obviously in an early stage of its evolutionary cycle is appropriate: free.
  4. Feb 15, 2011
    The price might be right, but Eliminate has a few wrongs that need correction: matchmaking issues, weapon imbalances, and a couple control quirks which shoot holes in the fun.
  5. Feb 15, 2011
    To put it lightly, a game with a steep learning curve. And while that's no crime in itself, it's precisely at this point that the game runs up against its own financial model.
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