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  1. Feb 21, 2014
    Evhacon is a singleplayer roleplaying game created by independent developer Pietro Nifosi.
    It features several episodes in which
    Evhacon is a singleplayer roleplaying game created by independent developer Pietro Nifosi.
    It features several episodes in which an unknown hero joins a group of Aecherian soldiers investigating a series of unusual events which are connected to a strange inexplicable mist descended from the highest peaks of Mount Komdur, in the northern lands of Antadamah.
    This is the first episode of the series taking place in between the Outskirts and Capital City of Rhontir, in the western continent of Adamah.

    Episode I - offers serveral hours of solid gameplay for both main questline and side quests. After that the player is given the opportunity to continue exploring the levels gathering gear and mats for the next episode.
    You can get gear to outfit your hero from fallen enemies, traders, crates, chests. Although some containers as well as doors will require you to play the lockpicking minigame.
    There is a strong assortment of swords, axes, maces, bows in the weapons category, along with suits of armor and shields.
    The character progression is handled through attribute points and talents distribution.
    The leveling system ties into this by letting you shape your character to better suit your play style.
    There are two different interfaces for handling controls, one for exploration and the other for combat mode, both fairly intuitive.

    The graphics are very well detailed for both architectures and characters.
    This is one of the few iOS games featuring audio dialogues for every toon in the game.


    •Controls tweaking (left joystick) for easier character navigation, faster orbit camera (right joystick).
    •Smoother camera transitions (shaky camera corrections).
    •Text alignment corrections (in within the Skills Tree menu).
    •Better looking skies and weather improvement (more colourful environments).

    •Character Transfer from one episode to the next one.
    •Character Customization (Sex, Skin, Face, Hair, Tattoos).
    •New combat animations / New combos.
    •Personal Stash (you will be able to deposit items in your personal stash in within your home/warehouse).
    •Professions: Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Alchemy, Cooking.

    •It's strongly recommended that you reboot your device before launching the game to avoid the app to continuously shut down (this is due to the complexity of scenarios in general and it might be happening on devices that run on less then 512MB RAM).
    •Running in combat mode with your weapons sheathed is slower than doing it while in exploration mode.
    •For each level gained you can distribute 5 attribute points and 1 skill point of your choice.
    •Reaching the final steps of a certain skills tree will unlock its final special ability.
    •Intellect is unavailable in this episode because magic has not yet been discovered by the main character.
    •If you accidentally sell the wrong items, you can always buy them back from the same vendor.