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  1. Feb 28, 2014
    Enough already with the shoot‘em up games and in-app purchases

    “Dad, can I buy a few more levels?”

    The 3D adventure game “Evolution
    Hunter” for iPad and iPhone is blazing new trails: in the Unlimited Version – characterized in some forums as “unmarketable, because the price is too high” – every level and in-app shop item is free.

    For children this means: unlimited gaming fun throughout all 12 levels, and for parents: none of those endless additional purchases needed for that gaming fun in the Land of the Lakota. The Unlimited Version of “Evolution: Indian Hunter” is available on the App Store and offers unlimited exploration and experiences in the vast prairies of North America.

    Furthermore, purchasers of the Unlimited Version are also supporting threatened peoples: for each purchased download, 2 Euros go to Andrea Cox’s Winter Project (Society for Threatened Peoples (STP), http://www.andreac.de/).

    A tireless troupe of young developers from Ulm, Germany, has designed a technically demanding and sophisticated 3D-product, leaving out violence and incorporating historic authenticity and learning content instead, and it’s now paying off: “Evolution: Indian Hunter” has been nominated for a TOMMI (German Children’s Software award), among others. The iPad version of the game has already been named App of the Day several times and receives best customer ratings.

    Due to its excellent graphics, “Evolution: Indian Hunter” currently only runs smoothly on the iPhone 4s and higher. However, players with older devices will be glad to hear, that the team is already feverishly working on a version with simpler visuals to be compatible with earlier iPhones.

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