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  • Summary: Falling Notes – the game in tetris-style with musical notes!You need no prior knowledge of music to play Falling Notes!It's fun, easy and addictive!Features:- You can slide or tap on the keys OR use the left and right paddles to position the note!- Achievements and Leaderboard in Game Center- Dynamic help system- Help color is turned on when where is a wrong answer- Going in the wrong direction and the keys in that area gets dark- If you don't play anything for a while, the note begins to move in the rightdirection, and finally stop at the correct key!StarNotes:-If you play a note before it begins to fall you get a StarNote Bonus.- Points x 30AirNotes:-If you play a note still falling in the air you get an AirNote Bonus.- Points x 20WheelNotes:-The wheels are lowered so the note softly lands on the keys.If you play this note, you get a WheelNote Bonus.- Points x 10- The note rolls to the right key automaticallyafter 3 seconds!RewardsTo get a Reward Cube you need on...RUST-10 Notes and 50% HitsSTEEL-15 Notes and 60% HitsSILVER-20 Notes and 70% HitsGOLD-30 Notes and 80% HitsAfter 6 cubes you can get the final Reward on each level…Good Luck! Expand
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