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    Believe it or not, there are better things for families to do it in the car than argue or stare out the window. If you are looking for 100 creative, fun and challenging games to make your voyage memorable then grab Family Car Games.

    This collection of no-equipment
    necessary family games was born in our minivan. Of course, these games can be played anywhere that you are together – not just the car. You don't need “stuff” to have fun...just two or more people and Family Car Games.


    There are 100 games in Family Car Games. here is our vote for ones we love best:

    - Pica Firma Nada
    - Grandma is So Weird
    - Cheeseplate
    - How's Yours?
    - Fusion Cuisine
    - Word Chain
    - Two Truths and a Lie
    - Inky Pinky
    - Love is Like a Shovel
    - Acrobats

    (Don't know these games? Well, then download the App!)


    Theluckydip: "The number of games is endless, it keeps everyone interactive with each other (not just the screen) and it’s simple to start."

    theIphonemom: "Family Car Games is a unique app that is a resource for a hundred different games that you can play on a LONG family car ride. You don’t actually use your iPhone to play the games. Instead you use the app to find a game, read the rules and you’re off without electronics. Refreshing!"

    FoxNews: "Do you have one of those new-fangled scan functions on your car radio? Then fasten your seat belts and prepare to play “Catch That Song,” included in the iPhone app "Family Car Games" created by Ruth Greenwood, her husband, and their two teens."
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