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  • Summary: Fast Food Dash takes you on a Foodie's journey of Epic proportion. Enjoy delicious food as you focus your mental energy. You will be instantly hooked as you chain massive combos for maximum score.

    This fast paced Puzzler will have you spinning your thumbs, as you attempt to eat all
    the food. Time is always ticking, so you have to move fast.

    The first few levels are easy, but how far can you really go? How many locations will you travel to. Will you unlock all the secrets of this game? Try to get to level 10, and you will see what I mean. And with Fast Food Dash's new Achievement System, the fun never ends.

    Fast Food Dash is the new Savory Revolution!


    •Fun Locations to Visit.
    •Amazing Crisp High Res Food!
    •Exciting Achievements System. Unlock them all.
    •Fast Paced Food Consuming action.
    •Fun and Challenging puzzler with our new XCombo System. Let's see how many Combos can you chain together.
    •Easy to Learn, Hard to Master.
    •Challenge your Best Scores.
    •Fullscreen view of any location.
    •Special Power Up.
    •Many Easter Eggs in the game to discover.
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